The Alpha Kappa of Kappa Alpha Psi

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Welcome from our Polemarch

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Welcome to the website of the Alpha Kappa chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated.

Greetings Welcome all, My Name is Jeffery Markel Nesbitt a senior psychology major from Washington D.C. I will be acting as Polemarch of the distinguished Alpha Kappa Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi. I am looking forward to working well with my fellow brothers to ensure we exhibit achievement in every field of human endeavor this academic school year and even once our student days are done.

Men of Achievement

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In Greek culture, the Laurel Wreath is used as a symbol of royalty, victory and given to one who sustains a level of excellence through life's experiences.  In Kappa Alpha Psi we practice this noble gesture as the Laurel Wreath is awarded to those who have achieved on the highest levels within the fraternity, the community and their service to their craft and God.  The men of the Alpha Kappa chapter will not be found "Resting on their Laurels".

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